The American Canoe Association Clean Water Act lawsuit :
Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant, High Point, N.C.

In July , 1996, the ACA filed a federal lawsuit for the High Point Eastside WWTP
violating water quality limits to protect the Deep River 361 times during a 41 month period.1

“ We sample the effluent, we provide reports to the state. We haven’t had any indication from the state that what we’ve supplied is not adequate. We have not been fined. ”2
High Point Mayor Becky Smothers

“ That’s the problem, said Chapel Hill attorney John Runkle.” “ If the state would fully enforce all the wastewater permits, the water quality in our rivers would probably be
cleaner ” 3

“ The reports we sent to the state are correct. They (the ACA) interpreted the figures wrong. “4 Chris Thompson, City of High Point

“ According to the suit, Eastside discharged cyanide and fecal coliform bacteria at levels that were up to 100 times higher than state and federal regulations. Eastside plant Manager Tom Gore said high fecal coliform readings are inevitable, and the cyanide readings are questionable. ‘ We’re of the opinion that the (cyanide) data is not correct from the standpoint that there are so many things in the sewage that interfere with the analysis.’ ”5

“ ‘ There are always going to be some violations. You’re dealing with mother nature and biological systems. A rainstorm floods you out and things come along that kill off your bugs (bacteria used for pollution treatment ). ‘ ”6
Tom Gore, Eastside plant manager

In May 1997 the City of High Point settled the lawsuit with the ACA and agreed to pay
$ 60, 000 in penalties.7

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